“Rare” part missing in NYC’s “safe, legal, and rare” abortion rate

Absolutely heartbreaking:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Archbishop Timothy Dolan is calling for efforts to make abortions in New York City “rare.”

Dolan gathered with other religious leaders on Thursday to draw attention to the city’s high abortion rate. The city health department last month released statistics that showed 39 percent of pregnancies ended with induced termination in 2009.


“I re-affirm Cardinal John O’Connor’s promise of a quarter-century ago that every woman facing a difficult pregnancy will be provided with free, confidential help of the highest quality from the Archdiocese of New York,” said Archbishop Dolan.

While the numbers have declined in the last decade, the religious leaders said they are still too high.

In 2009, there were 225,667 pregnancies in the City with 126,774 resulting in live births and 87,273 resulting in abortions. In addition to those abortion numbers, there were 11,620 spontaneous terminations.

Forty-six percent of all births in the Bronx result in abortions—the highest among the five boroughs, according to the report.

Blacks had the highest number of abortions with 40,798 with Hispanics having the second highest at 28,364, according to the report.

In response, the Chiaroscuro Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports alternatives to abortion, pledged that it will spend $1 million in 2011 to address the City’s abortion rate—nearly double the national average of 23 percent.

Compounding this appalling statistic is “Jen Doll” at the Village Voice, who – after taking numerous cheap shots at the Catholic Church for “abortion-shaming” women who terminate their unborn children – finishes with this:

At the end of all this, though, as we nod and smile and agree that of course we should be having less abortions, we can’t help but wonder: Should we, really? In a perfect world, perhaps, this would not be an issue, but since the world is far from perfect, since women are going to have sex and get pregnant and not actually be in a position to raise a child, or have one gestating in their bodies for 9 months, and since women should always have the right to choose and be supported, and not abortion-shamed, for their decision, isn’t there a time and place for abortions, just like there’s a time and place to have a baby?

So, yeah, we’ll go ahead and be that person at the party who says it. Abortions: Sometimes better than the alternative.

Have you no shame, woman? No soul? Do you thoroughly understand that which you advocate? Which type of abortion would you recommend? Aspiration? D&E?


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