New Tone Watch: Death threat mania invades Wisconsin

MediaDouble wowsers. Click that link, and read the multiple death threats received by GOP legislators – and the Governor himself – in Wisconsin in the aftermath of the GOP’s determined stand against outrageous union demands.

And then marvel at how the national mainstream media has been mostly silent on the violent nature of some union marchers in Madison. We all know how the MSM would be all over it with wall to wall coverage if the situations were reversed and this happened to be Tea Partiers trashing a state capitol building on the inside and out, bullying the opposition, and issuing multiple death threats to Democrat politicos.

It’s really a fascinating case study on the mostly one-sided nature of the mainstream media. They couldn’t be more obvious than if they’d stripped naked prior to starting the questioning at a random WH daily press briefing.

Be thankful for the New Media types who obtain this information first hand, at great risk of harassment – or worse. I’m not patting myself on the back, because I’m more of a commentator than a newsbreaker. But there are a lot of concerned conservative “citizen journalists” – not to mention old-fashioned reporters from the smaller talk radio stations – out there who put a lot on the line to bring you the stories the MSM won’t. A big-time salute to all of them.

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