Axelrod: Romneycare was an inspiration for Obamacare

Romney doesn’t stand much of a chance of getting the GOP nomination anyway, but even if he did, the chances would decrease everytime David Axelrod praises Romneycare, which he did again today:

David Axelrod is singing the praises of “Romneycare” – yet again.

The former White House senior adviser smiled and laughed as he twisted the knife in Mitt Romney on Friday, saying that the ex-Massachusetts governor’s health plan “inspired” President Obama and was a “template” for the White House’s own national program.

“I mean, quite seriously. It was a template, apart from all the jokes,” Axelrod, who has repeatedly talked up Romney’s plan, said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Egged on by the show’s hosts, he called Romneycare – which mandates that individuals have health care coverage, like Obama’s plan – is something Romney should embrace.

“People in the state like it, and he ought to be proud of it, and he ought to embrace it. And one day, I think he will,” the former White House senior adviser said. “That work inspired our own health care plan.”

Romney, who has called for the repeal of Obamacare, has said that his own plan “wasn’t perfect.” He said there are parts of it he would change or eliminate altogether, without offering specifics. He also has said states should be free to design their own health plans and not have that dictated to them by Washington.

Romney’s gotta be beating his head against the wall right now. He’s putting out all kinds of feelers for a potential presidential run, is putting is the best spin he can on being anti-Obamacare while at the same time defending Romneycare. His doesn’t have much credibility with conservatives as it stands thanks not just to Romneycare but also his dueling positions on other issues, and needless to say, the “Axe” praise won’t help matters.

Methinks that uphill climb for Romney just became a little bit more steep …

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