New Tone Watch: Union gangs storm lobby of Wisconsin GOP fundraiser in DC

Civility you can believe in

WASHINGTON – The Wisconsin Union battle somehow managed to clog the street of Washington, D.C. Wednesday night.

FOX 5 was out on another story when it suddenly got caught in the middle of a rally that shut down D.C. streets at the height of rush hour.

All of these protesters were unhappy with the growing anti-union sentiment across the country.

Hundreds of union workers from D.C. plus activist groups like stormed a downtown building that was hosting a fundraiser for Republicans. Moments before protesters took over, the president of the lobbying firm hosting the event told Fox News that this is a regular event held for Wisconsin politicians.

“There’s no doubt politics in this country and Wisconsin have certainly changed in the last year. Two years ago, we’d have this event and we would have 15 people,” said Bob Wood, President of the lobbying firm BGR Group.

Protestors swarmed the streets around 12th and F Streets in northwest. D.C. Police circled and for a time, the situation grew tense.

Then, the group began marching in the streets, blocking traffic as they made their way to the White House.

You can watch video of them storming the lobby below:

Union Protesters March Through DC Streets, Storm Wisconsin Republican Fundraiser:

Photos and a more compete recap of yesterday’s events can be seen/read at the liberal pro-union TPM website here.

Not pictured nor heard from to condemn this blatant violation of his verbal “new tone” policy: President Obama.  Natch.

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