Report: Gaffetastic Joe Biden considering a 2016 run for President

Gird your loins, peeps (hat tip):

Vice President Joe Biden surprised a gathering of donors in Cincinnati last week when he floated the prospect of his succeeding President Barack Obama in the White House.

Biden, who started in the Senate young and would be just 70 in 2012, raised the possibility unprompted during a wide-ranging conversation at the May 19 dinner with major Democratic Party donors, a source in the room said.

The Vice President, who has never ruled in or out running in six years, told the group he hadn’t made up his mind, and cited both political conditions and his own health as relevant factors.

But the spontaneous suggestion caught the attention of at least some in the audience, said the guest, “given he volunteered that without prompting…and given the audience.”

Ed Morrissey speculates on the Veep’s chances:

Biden hasn’t exactly set the world on fire as a VP, however. He’s been put in charge of the Porkulus program, which turned into an expensive flop. Does anyone know what the unemployment rate should be now, according to the administration’s estimate if the stimulus package passed? 6.7%. Thanks to his months-long blather last year about “Recovery Summer,” no one takes Biden seriously any longer on economic matters. And if his non-presence on major foreign-affairs issues like Pakistan, Israel, and Iraq are any indication, no one at the White House takes him seriously on what was supposed to be his one area of expertise.

Besides, the donors aren’t worrying about 2016 for a Democratic successor to Obama. They’re more worried about losing in 2012, and they have to be wondering what the color of the sky is in Biden’s world if he’s starting to feel them up for a 2016 run.

One thing’s for sure: If nothing else came good came out of a 2016 Biden run, the number of notable quotables would make watching him attempt another fail-destined run for President again almost bearable.

Just sayin’. ;)

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