Update on Dad – Good news

Hi all!

First, thanks SO much for all the prayers.  I was telling dad on the way to the hospital yesterday morning that the prayers were pouring in here, at Twitter, and at Facebook for him and he was very touched and wanted me to thank you all on his behalf.  They were definitely felt! And answered, as dad made it through the stent surgery ok.  The hospital recovery time was a little longer than initially anticipated because he was so out of it after the surgery, so we didn’t get out of the hospital until a little after 3.  Mom and I took him home, made sure he was resting comfortably, and then went back out to pick up a prescription for him that the doc. had prescribed for the pain he was going to be feeling once the hospital meds wore off.  I stayed overnight at mom and dad’s just to make sure everything was ok and that he didn’t need any assistance.

This morning, he was in good spirits and he and mom even went together to breakfast at Bojangle’s. :)  So life is getting back to normal, it seems – “normal” for my family, anyway!

I see my co-blogger did an awesome job, as usual. Nice to know this place is in good hands when I’m away.

I’ve missed writing! Catching up on the last couple of days’s worth of news in hopes of being able to write something before I head out later today for a cookout at my sister’s house.  Nothing like some grilled burgers to put me in a good frame of mind. ;)

What are y’all up to this weekend?

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