GOP Debate in New Hampshire – Open Thread

2012 yetTonight’s GOP Presidential candidates’ debate will air at 8 Eastern Time on CNN from Manchester, New Hampshire. I was going to try to make it but I’m close to collapsing on the couch after having the Monday from you know where. I’ll be lucky to make it through the first ten minutes.

ABC News has a good write-up on who/what to watch for in tonight’s debate. I anticipate fireworks directed towards Mitt Romney over “ObamneyCare” (as Tim Pawlenty put it this past weekend). Recent polling suggests that he’s “The Frontrunnerβ„’” but as polls go, most are suspect, so I’d take that one with a grain of salt unless you start to see a pattern developing.

If you can’t catch the debate on TV, tune your brower to New Hampshire’s WMUR – or, listen to a rebroadcast of the debate on C-SPAN Radio at 10 ET.

At this point, is there a candidate you’re leaning towards? Or has the candidate you’d prefer to see not yet declared they’re running? Overall, are you enthused about the current field?

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