VIDEO: Sarah Palin really is too stupid to be President

Heh. Absolutely love it (via Jim Treacher by way of Tina Korbe):

Not to mention the 57 states gaffe, among many others that have come from Team O’Biden.

It’s fascinating, in a way, to watch the Obama and Palin factions respectively (and by “Obama faction”, I mean “including the MSM”). While it’s true there are “True Believer” Sarah Palin conservatives who believe she can do no wrong, there is the other more prominent (and larger) part of her support base who are willing to recognize her weaknesses but still appreciate the overall “package” – so to speak. The latter has to try and temper the former because there is already the mistaken belief out there that the Sarah Palin “worship” is on par with the fawning Obama worship we’ve seen since 2006 or so, which really isn’t so. In reality, the hero worship of Obama was seen in the high numbers who came out to vote for him on the mistaken belief that he was an agent of meaningful “change.” Sarah Palin wouldn’t get that, because while a majority of her supporters would love to see her as President and believe she could do well, they also know she can do just as much good – if not more so – by continuing to be a strong advocate for conservative causes and candidates. A lot of her support base also knows that she has some negatives that would keep her from getting elected, some brought on by Palin herself and others (many others, in fact) brought on by liberal detractors who despise the thought of a “minority” Republican rising within the ranks of the party.

On the other hand, you have the mainstream media who have waged a campaign against her that, in my view, has not been parallelled in modern history. Part of it is based on regional bigotry – her accent and plain-speaking ways are ridiculed by Beltway elitist types on both sides who see it as a sign of “lack of intellectual curiosity.” Assuming for purposes of discussion that were the case, the fact that we have someone in the WH who is supposedly just the opposite should dispel us of the notion that “intellectual curiosity” should be a requirement to be in the WH. And then, as the above video clearly points out, all gaffes apparently are not created equal.

I think the biggest chunk of the media bias against her meshes with why the real reason most liberals stridently oppose her: Because any “minority” candidate like herself (and Marco Rubio, as another example) has the potential to pull away the “minority” vote that liberals have a stranglehold on. Once the left loses this, once individual “groups” stop viewing themselves as “victims” and more so as “individuals”, liberals will lose more. And lose big. Their domination on the abortion debate with women will erode, their passionate appeals to black people about ‘protecting’ them from ‘racist’ Republicans will more often than not fall on deaf ears, etc.

I cannot wait until this happens. I hope I am alive to witness it.

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