Why I love conservative legal minds

Because they so expertly and soundly destroy liberal “legal” tripe like this on a routine basis. 

The excellent legal fisking was done by Aaron Worthing, who has been guestblogging at Patterico’s for a few months.  Make sure to bookmark the blog to read him daily, and if you’re a Twitter fan, here’s his page.  

If Time Magazine had any cojones whatsoever they’d post Worthing’s counter to their Managing Editor’s dreadfully ignorant column on the Constitution, but it’s understandable that they don’t because Worthing’s takedown makes it crystal clear that, in the future, Stengel ought to confine his superficial, half-baked legal theories to the DC/NYC/Beltway cocktail circuit, where unquestioning self-important liberals and “respectable Republicans” who are standing around listening him can mindlessly nod in awestruck approval — because, as so often demonstrated on the pages of mainstream media publications like the New York Times, they don’t know any better, either.

I’ll be writing more posts like this one in the future.  My personal and professional time has been heavily occupied the last several months, so you’ve seen a little less of me here at the blog.  But even though at the moment I can’t write as much as I’d like to, I can still link to people who I think you should read and bookmark.  In the coming months, their arguments will be extremely helpful and instrumental in both helping to keep people informed and the information flowing – hopefully ensuring that our media-aided celebrity President does NOT win a second term.

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