Open Thread: Tonight’s GOP presidential candidates debate in Iowa

2012 WatchI was all prepared to write a couple of posts tonight but have almost fallen asleep at my desk a couple of times from sheer exhaustion. Long week. Taking the rest of the night off.

Wanted to put this open thread up for those of you who will be watching the GOP presidential candidates debate in Iowa. It will be broadcast on Fox News at 9 pm ET (hosted by Bret Baier) and also online at Fox News’ website. The GOP race for the nomination had a bit of a shake-up today with the breaking news – courtesy of a few Gov. Rick Perry aides – that the Texas Governor will indeed be announcing on Saturday his intentions to run for President.

Politico was the first to report a few days ago that Perry was announcing his “intentions” this coming Saturday at the Red State convention in South Carolina, but it was widely expected that he would say his intentions were to run. The aides confirmation makes it a little more official.

Bachmann is still getting tarred and feathered by religious bigots on the left as we speak. Huntsman has been trying his luck in South Carolina this week, where I suspect he’ll find very few takers. Herman Cain is saying he’ll have to re-evaluate his campaign if he doesn’t have a strong finish in Saturday’s Iowa straw poll. Rick Santorum is feeling confident about his chances of finishing high in the straw poll – but will he have to take a back seat to the Ron Paul fanatics? Romney is fending off liberal hecklers these days as Obama 2012 senior peeps have made clear their intentions to “destroy” him. Newt is – well, Newt. Will Pawlenty use the “ObamneyCare” term in tonight’s debate? Thadeus McCotter will not be in tonight’s debate has planned his own – by answering online the questions asked of the candidates tonight. Palin, who is at this point still undeclared, “is likely” to be making a bus stop at the Iowa State Fair on Friday.

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out!

National Journal has a helpful “tv guide” of events going on over the next few days in Iowa.

Lemme know your thoughts on where you are at this point on who you support, or who you are leaning towards, etc.

Checking out now. Enjoy the festivities :-D

GOP 2012 presidential debate
GOP 2012 presidential debate - image composition courtesy of CNN/Getty Images.

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