Our Labor Secretary doesn’t know her job. Or does she?

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Here’s another video from Naked Emperor News, this time of Secretary Solis at an event, perhaps a press briefing, at the end of last August. In it, she admits to not knowing that Texas has created the most jobs of any state in the last few years.

But that’s not all she doesn’t know. See if you can spot the real howler:

Solis admits to not having done a lot of research into why Texas has created the most jobs. Hello? She’s the Labor Secretary of a nation with unemployment mired at over 9% (and real unemployment at 16%) and she hasn’t been looking into why one of the 57 50 states is doing much better than the national average at job creation? She doesn’t have her department –the Department of Labor, for Pete’s sake– working night and day to find out why Texas can create lots of jobs, while the most recent report has the nation as a whole last month creating zero?

She can’t get on the phone and call Austin? She’s not the least bit curious?

Secretary Solis has been in her job for over two years, and we’ve had a lousy employment picture for longer than that. Just what has she been doing with her time?

Oh, wait. Instead of working to create jobs for all Americans, she’s fighting to protect the turf of labor cartels, a.k.a unions. So it figures she’d have no curiosity about what works in a right-to-work state, even if right-to-work seems to be a key.

Hilda Solis, United States Secretary of Labor Unions.

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PS: By the way, note how quickly she shifts the focus from the question asked to Administration talking points aimed to discredit Texas and, by association, it’s governor, who is running for her boss’s job. Coincidence, I’m sure.

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