Caption This: DNC 2012 logo revealed at convention kick-off rally in Charlotte

Today, the DNC had their kick-off rally here in Charlotte for the official one-year countdown til next year’s convention, which will be held here in the Queen City:

As many as 2,000 people from around the region filled the concourse at Charlotte’s Time-Warner Cable Arena this morning for the official kick-off rally for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

National Democratic Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz unveiled the convention logo — a red, white and blue circle patterned after President Obama’s 2008 campaign logo.

And Wasserman Schultz made clear that the point of the convention is Obama’s re-election.

“I don’t have to tell you how important North Carolina is going to be to the next presidential election,” she announced. “Together we’ll keep North Carolina blue.”

In 2008 Obama carried the state by 14,000 votes. Also today, the Republican National Committee launched a radio ad in North Carolina and seven other states Obama carried, blasting his record on jobs, health care and spending.

Former Mayor Harvey Gantt, like Wasserman Schultz, touted the fact that this would be “the first convention in history to be funded by the people.”

Ugh. We know how misleading statements like that can be.

In keeping with the “the people” theme, the DNC 2012 logo was unveiled today:

DNC 2012 Logo
DNC 2012 Logo

Kind of has a creepy “we are the world” feeling to it, doesn’t it?

Looking forward to the creative captions my readers will come up with for it. ;)

Oh, and speaking of Wasserman Schultz, naturally she dodged and weaved this morning on Fox and Friends over the Hoffa “New Tone” remarks Phineas blogged about earlier today. Interesting, considering she said this just the day before Hoffa’s remarks:

@actongriscom @Paula_Dockery We can work together. There are many of us who want to do that. My way or hwy doesn’t work. We can’t give up!

“My way or the hwy doesn’t work”? Somebody better alert Big Labor …

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