Courtesy of O’Biden 2012 comes … the Biden can koozie

This is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen/read all week:

Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t drink beer, but he’s got no problem helping you keep yours cold.

A VP-themed can koozie is the newest – and perhaps most creative – addition to the Obama Campaign’s online store, dominated by T-shirts, caps, buttons, bracelets and backpacks, all emblazoned with the 2012 logo.
“Need to keep your soda cold? The Vice President’s got you covered. Literally,” the product description reads. “Our Joe Biden can holder is made in the USA.”

The $10 neoprene insulated sheath features Biden’s grinning likeness and the slogan “Cheers Champ.” Profits from the sale benefit the Obama-Biden re-election fund.

Campaign staffers across the country have been on a messaging blitz about the new swag. @OFA_NC, the handle for Obama’s North Carolina operation, boasted that buyers could even have their “very own beverage summit,” referring to the so-called White House Beer Summit of July 2009.

Without waiting another moment, here it is (drumroll) ….:

Cheers Champ!
Cheers Champ!

So, does “Cheers Champ!” means he’s the champion of watching Cheers episodes? Or perhaps it means he’s the undisputed king of beer toasts, and wants to join you at your next one? ;)

Now, I just KNOW y’all are all going to rush to the Obama-Biden 2012 website to snag one … ;))

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