Rick Perry doesn’t quit

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Well, this shocked the heck out of me (1):

And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State…Here we come South Carolina!!!

After a miserable fifth-place finish and an announcement of a return to Texas to “reassess” the campaign, I thought sure Governor Perry was done. (And, like ST, I was depressed.) A candidate doesn’t “reassess” only to say “Yep, we’re in it to win it!”

Unless said candidate is Rick Perry, I guess.

Still, throwing one’s campaign into neutral and deflating supporters’ hopes is an odd way to build momentum.

But then, Texas has always been a bit different.

Regardless, I’ve thought and continue to think Rick Perry would far-and-away make the best president from among the current field. Anyone can find individual issues on which they vehemently disagree with a candidate, and I won’t argue with single-issue voters.

But, for me, there are two goals that override any single issue: the first is sending Barack Obama, the worst president since James Buchanan, into retirement. Governor Perry isn’t a good debater (but neither is Obama), but he  has the experience and the track record on the key issues of the day –jobs, the economy, and energy– to make Obama stand out as the Socialist failure he is. Mitt Romney can’t credibly attack ObamaCare; Rick Perry can go after it with an ax and give it forty whacks.

The second is putting in office a president who can take the experiences gained in accumulating such a record, combine it with a governing philosophy of limited government, federalism, and free markets to help create similar success in the nation as a whole. While almost all the candidates have one or more elements in their platforms I can approve of, it’s my opinion that Governor Perry combines it all in a package that makes him a potentially great president.

So, while this development surprises me (to say the least), if he really is still in the race, then I’m with him till the end.

Bring on South Carolina.

PS: RickPerry.org

(1) And so did the accompanying photo…

UPDATE: The Austin Statesman confirms.

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