VIDEO: This is the man Senator John McCain endorsed today

First, about the endorsement, from the NYT Caucus Blog:

For Senator John McCain, the last Republican presidential nominee, choosing between former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts or Rick Santorum, a former Senate colleague, was a pick between old enemies.

On Wednesday, with his endorsement of Mr. Romney, Mr. McCain chose the man he clashed with four years ago over the one he and his allies clashed with only last year.

Mr, McCain’s prickly relationship with Mr. Romney during the 2008 campaign for the Republican nomination animated a series of debates in which Mr. McCain accused Mr. Romney of supporting a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Mr. Romney accused Mr. McCain of “the kind of dirty tricks that I think Ronald Reagan would have found to be reprehensible.” In “Game Change,” a book on the 2008 campaign, the senator repeatedly groused that Mr. Romney would say anything to win the nomination and accused him of lacking a soul.

“Say anything” to try and win an election? You betcha:

(From the pro-Newt Winning Our Future PAC)

That video’s almost as powerful as the one Senator McCain, then the GOP nominee for President, ran against fellow Senator and Democrat nominee for President Barack Obama in the summer of 2008 – featuring then-Senator Joe Biden’s spot on pre-primary remarks about Obama’s lack of experience:

For more grins and giggles, here’s a flashback to other criticisms Biden waged against Barack Obama before Obama picked him to be his vice presidential running mate in order to give his ticket some foreign policy “gravitas” (how’d that work out, BTW?).

It sure is amazing how much certain politicos can change their stripes when given opportunities by their political opposition and other foes. We know what Senator Joe Biden got in 2008 – but just what does Senator McCain get out of / for endorsing Mitt Romney?


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