World Gone Mad: Romney sings Happy Birthday to Gov. Haley (VIDEO)

Fortunately, Nikki Haley doesn’t to worry about my vote since I’m not in her state –  at this point, my respect for her is dropping fast.  With that said, I have to wonder how South Carolina voters view this kind of sugary sweet suck-up BS?

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — Mitt Romney added a festive air to an end-of-the-campaign rally today, singing Happy Birthday to one of his top backers: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Romney noted that it’s an especially big day for Haley: “She turns 40 years old.”

The Republican candidate also produced a cake for Haley and invited backers to partake after the rally.

Haley told the crowd: “All I want is President Romney for my birthday.”

Earlier, Haley told supporters to make sure they crank out the vote for Romney on Saturday, as he tries to fight off Newt Gingrich in the South Carolina primary. Haley said the race is an important milestone in the fight for the Republican presidential nomination.

“We’ve got to end this,” Haley said.

Here’s the video (CBS compared Romney’s singing voice with that of Obama’s):

(Obama wins that contest, IMO!)

Of course, Romney endorsed Haley in her 2010 bid for SC Governor, so no doubt she is returning the favor – but to the extent she’s doing so has got to rub a lot of loyal South Carolina Tea Party types the wrong way.

To make matters worse, Virginia Governor and GOP darling Bob McDonnell endorsed Romney also, saying:

“I’m a Southern governor endorsing Mitt Romney in the first Southern state primary,” McDonnell said on CNN’s “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien.”

“The governor of South Carolina has endorsed him as well. I think hopefully that will help him some. He’s the one that’s been consistent. Other candidates have been up and down. He is the consistent, results-oriented conservative who has the best record and the best message on jobs and on cutting spending,” McDonnell said.

“Consistent” and “conservative”?!?  Please don’t insult our collective intelligence, Governor.  As I said on Twitter, if a GOP politico wants to endorse Romney, fine – but for the love of all that is good and decent please do NOT go overboard because you risk losing a lot of credibility with many of the people who helped put you in office.

SC’s GOP primary is tomorrow.  The MSM has delighted in making this into a horse race.  The polls have tightened up between Newt and Mitt. The Powers That Be have predicted that most of Perry’s support will go to Newt and most of Huntsman’s support will go to Romney.  While both Huntsman and Perry polled in the single digits in SC, just one or two percentage points could make a big difference in this primary – much more than the few votes difference did in Iowa.

As they say: Stay tuned.  And don’t forget the nose plugs.

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