The official #SOTU drinking game scorecard – PLUS: schedule of events


SOTU drinking card
SOTU drinking card.

(full version here)

Courtesy of the one and only @TXTrendyChick, who offers up these game rules:

Basically, every time one of the words, phrases, or camera shots occurs, you take a drink. If President Obama tells one of his personal, heartstring stories, take two drinks because you know he’s playing you – that’s why it’s on the card twice. There aren’t any winners or losers, if you get a whole row, you don’t win anything. The whole purpose is just to make this spectacle all the more bearable. Also, on a personal note, I’ll be taking an additional drink every time they show Sheila Jackson Lee falling all over herself to shake Obama’s hand. Wait, no… Anytime they show Sheila Jackson Lee at all. Yah, that’s reason enough. Happy watching!

I think it’s missing a few phrases, like “some say” and “let me be clear“, but it’s a great starting point. Just make sure you’re at home doing this and not at a bar where you’d have to drive home. I mean it! Of course, who in the heck would patronize a bar carrying the SOTU, anyway?

Hmmm. Oh yeah, we political junkies would, that’s who! :-b

For the record, tonight’s SOTU is scheduled to start at 9 ET, but of course the President will arrive fashionably late, as always. The focus of the speech? The NYT lays it out here. Hint: Expect it to be heavy on class warfare (no surprise there). Excerpts of the President’s speech are here.

As always, if you can’t get to a TV, you can watch the speech at (or listen to it via their Blackberry and iPhone apps!). Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will be giving the Republican response. Excerpts here.

Update – 7:37 PM: Just found out Herman Cain will be delivering the Tea Party response to the SOTU – right after the GOP response.

Me? I won’t be watching. I’ll be busy praying America elects a Republican President so this will be the last time we hear President Obama give a SOTU.

Update – 7:15 PM: Was just informed by Sam Rosado about another SOTU drinking game, this one from Misfit Politics. Here are some of the phrases to drink to:

– If Obama says, “Let me be clear…”, take 1

– “Millionaires and Billionaires”, take 1

– “Fair share”, take 1

– “high-speed rail”, take 2

– There’s an outburst during the speech, take 4

– You notice Joe Biden nodding in agreement, take 1

– “We can’t wait”, take 1

– If Speaker Boehner is seen shaking his head, take 2


BONUS: Don’t forget the “Presidential BS Bingo card”!

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