Romney as the GOP nominee: Are ya ready?

With the odds increasingly unlikely that Rick Santorum will win the GOP nomination (I’ve read analysis at several sites that say at this point it’s a mathematical impossibility), it’s looking like we’ll get the guy we never thought would have made it this far into the game: Mitt Romney.

Finding it a little hard to stomach myself, but since it is imperative that we defeat the current occupant in the Oval Office in November, I’m gearing up for a brutal general election campaign season and the inevitability that I’ll have to defend him at some point against the kitchen sink Team Obama is preparing (and is in fact already) to throw at him. While I’m prepared to do so, I’m even more (and better) prepared to enthusiastically counter the lies the Obama administration will be cranking out about itself as reasons to keep our celebrity Prez in the WH.

To all – especially anyone else who shares my dislike/distrust of the Mittster – what are your thoughts at this point going forward?

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