Tuesday Open Thread – plus Secret Service scandal discussion

FYI – the next few days are going to be crazy busy for both me and Phineas as we try to cram in five days of work into three, as we’ll both be attending Blog Con Charlotte (blogger convention right here in my back yard!) on Friday and Saturday (we’re both off workThursday and Friday). So blogging will be light at least through Saturday. In the meantime, I’ll try to put up some daily discussion threads to keep people mildly entertained. ;)

And speaking of, how about the Secret Service scandal that has erupted?
Fox News has confirmed
that the 11 agents – some senior in rank – who have been identified as being involved in “Hookergate” have had their security clearances revoked, and I suspect more heads will roll as time goes on – as it should be. This is obviously awful and embarrassing for the Secret Service but, IMO, should not detract from the overall excellent and critical work the agency has done over the years. Most of these guys and gals take their jobs VERY seriously and the scandal surrounding the few should who stepped way out of line should be considered an exception to the rule. Just my .02.

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