#Obama2012 campaign officially kicks off today – unofficially going on since Day 1

Bleh. Yeah, today’s the official kick-off of his reelection campaign, but we all know he’s been going full speed on campaigning for another term since the day he took office.

Nothing about this man has really changed since that time, though. He’s still more style over substance, more celebrity than President. This video, done in 2008, still holds true today and should be forwarded to everyone you know who is even considering voting for another four years of the misery he will surely deliver. In it, we get a good grasp of the celebrity/poseur then candidate-Obama really was – and in fact still is today:

On a lighter note, the human side of our President – as he forgets to snag First Lady Michelle Obama this morning from Air Force One as he gets his 2012 efforts officially underway:

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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