WANTED: Your thoughts on NC’s proposed “Amendment One”

Been soliciting for opinions on Twitter this morning regarding the proposed “Amendment One” here in NC, which would effectively ban gay marriage and polygamy as being able to be “legally recognized” by the state. Here’s the text.

Our primary is Tuesday. This proposed amendment will be voted on at that time.

I’m conflicted on the issue, which is why I haven’t written much about it. It’s my understanding that the amendment wording is already pretty much state law but that the amendment would “solidify” it more and make it “harder to challenge” in court (feel free to correct any of that if I’m in error).

As long time readers of this blog know, I am a staunch proponent of traditional one man/one woman marriage over any other type of “alternative forms of marriage” including gay marriage and polygamy, but I have to confess that the vagueness of Amendment One concerns me – not to mention that I worry it would hurt existing domestic partnerships in this state as it relates to health benefits, child support, domestic abuse reporting, etc. This will, after all – if passed, be written into the state constitution. That’s a pretty big deal, and one that I know many of my conservative friends in this state are concerned about as well.

I have resisted buying into the “talking points” given by activists on this issue, but there doesn’t seem to be any clear place to go to get the straight up skinny/non-spin information on what this bill will and won’t do.

Anyone in the same boat I am? If not, please state the reasons you are for or against the amendment.

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