Today’s primaries in NC, IN, WV – what to look for (PLUS: Results links)

A good round-up via the Washington Post (hat tip: Jessica Wood):

Indiana Republican Sen. Richard Lugar’s likely demise and the gubernatorial recall primary in Wisconsin aren’t the only two races worth watching tonight. There are also some key House, Senate and governor primaries in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia.

Two of those states — Indiana and North Carolina — represent relatively rare opportunities for the House Republicans to play some offense this year.

In addition, North Carolina Democrats will pick their gubernatorial nominee in the marquee governor’s race of 2012 (after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election, that is), and West Virginia will hold its governor, Senate and congressional primaries.

Read the whole thing to find out more about Governor and US House primary races in those states.  And for North Carolina, don’t forget that the hotly debated Amendment One has been a big motivator for some to get out and vote as well.

I’ll be on Twitter to discuss election results, and will pop in here if anything significant happens.

Results links:

North Carolina


West Virginia

Wisconsin (still searching, but possibly here at some point)

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