Source: Biden apologized to Obama over his Sunday comments on gay marriage

LOL. You cannot make this stuff up:

Vice President Joe Biden apologized to President Barack Obama Wednesday in the Oval Office for jumping the gun on the administration’s public embrace of same-sex marriage and forcing his boss’s hand, a person knowledgeable on the contrite exchange told Yahoo News on Thursday.

“The vice president expressed remorse, regret,” said the individual, who requested anonymity to describe an unusual, private exchange between the buttoned-up Obama and his freewheeling vice president. The president told Biden, the individual said, that he understood Biden’s comments on Sunday had come “from the heart.”

The source described Obama’s response as very similar to his public comments in an interview with ABC News’s Robin Roberts, with whom he shared his history-making announcement that he backed the right of gay couples to marry.

“He probably got out a little over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit,” Obama told ABC. “Would I have preferred to have done this in my own way on my own terms without, I think, there being a lot of notice to everybody? Of course. But all’s well that ends well.”

Related to all of this, a Toldjah So moment – brought to you by the mainstream media and their reaction to Obama’s “evolution” on gay marriage. Headlines:

—- NY Times – A Watershed Move, Both Risky and Inevitable

—- LA Times – Obama supports gay marriage, taking a risky stand

—- Denver Post – President Obama’s support of same-sex marriage historic, risky

—- Des Moines Register – Harkin: Obama’s stance on gay marriage “courageous”

—- (Democrat) John Zogby – Obama’s Bold Move Plays to His Strengths

Are these people predictable or what?

BTW, beyond the Biden oopsie, here’s the other real reason our “bold” “risk-taking” President “came out” on the side of gay marriage (officially) yesterday, via The Guardian: Obama campaign hopes marriage equality support a boon for fundraising.

Ah, the courage ….

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