Happy Mother’s Day, #MamaToldjah, and to all mothers

Getting ready to head out shortly to celebrate Mother’s Day with Mama Toldjah and my two older sisters. Normally the whole family gets together for Mom’s Day but one bro-in-law has to work and the other has to take care of a dog recovering from surgery. Dad is content just being at home so it will be a girls day out for the four of us, which is probably for the best.

This year has seen a lot of changes in mom’s life, most noteably the fact that she was forced into retirement earlier this year. It’s taken some getting used to, because mom has worked all of her life – since she was a teenager – and hasn’t known how to act getting up every morning now and not having to go to work. It’s been an adjustment for her both financially and emotionally but has ultimately been for the best, what with the health issues going on with my dad and her desire to be at home acting in the role of caretaker (even though he by and large can still take care of himself, even with being on dialysis and having eye problems). Her new role is stressful at times but she is thankful to be able to be at home to help dad when he needs it and just in general to be able to spend quality time with him as he weathers his health issues.

Below is a picture of mom and me from roughly a couple of months ago. People tell us all the time we look alike (my oldest sister looks a lot more like her than I do) but the funny thing is that as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to ACT more like her and view things the way she always has. I remember when I was a teenager (and knew everything there was to know about life, of course) I would tell myself I would be so different from mom in terms of being more carefree, wanting to stay out late, do stupid things, etc. But as I’ve grown up and matured, I see she was right about so many things. Not EVERYTHING, mind you, but many things.

And please … do NOT tell her I said that! ;)

ST and Mama Toldjah 2012
ST and Mama Toldjah

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