#NC8: Rep. Kissell [D] loses support of local black leadership caucus PAC

As I wrote a few days ago, NC8’s Larry Kissell already has an uphill battle going into the fall election what with being an elected Democrat in a district that has been redrawn in such a way that makes it more favorable for a Republican to win.  In an attempt to appeal to those voters, Kissell will vote next week to repeal ObamaCare, voted to hold Atty Gen. Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, may skip out on attending the DNC here in Charlotte, and has announced he will not endorse Barack Obama.  This, unsurprisingly, has ruffled the feathers of a local black leadership caucus PAC – which announced yesterday it will not support Kissell in his bid to stay in office:

WASHINGTON A Democratic Party feud emerged Thursday as African-American backers of U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell pulled their support after his decision not to endorse President Barack Obama and his plan to vote to repeal the health care law.

The N.C. 8th Congressional District Black Leadership Caucus political action committee, meeting in Hamlet, announced it would not endorse Kissell, a Biscoe Democrat, and discussed whether to back a write-in candidate.

“He has refused to endorse or support the president, has said he will vote to repeal the health care bill, and will just do anything that he can to be antagonistic to the president,” said caucus member Walter Rogers of Laurinburg. “We will not endorse or support Larry Kissell in his bid for re-election.”

Four years ago, Obama helped Kissell oust five-term Republican Robin Hayes when a flood of black voters in the 8th District rushed to the polls to elect the nation’s first African-American president.

A lot has happened in the past four years. Reapportionment reshaped the 8th District, making it even more Republican – and white. Registered black voters dropped from nearly 30 percent to 19 percent in his new district.

Kissell said Thursday that some of the people who are criticizing him for taking an independent position are the same people who criticized his predecessor, Hayes, for blind loyalty to the party and President George W. Bush.

Surely Mr. Kissell doesn’t expect any sort of consistency from leftist supporters, does he?

The Laurinburg Exchange has more, including some of what was said and alleged at the Hamlet meeting:

8th District Democratic Party Chair June Mabry urged patience at the meeting, suggesting that some subtleties of Kissell’s comments to the press have not been reflected in recent reporting.

Mabry said that she was told by Kissell Chief of Staff Leanne Powell, who was present at the interview during which Kissell is reported to have said that he would not be endorsing Obama, that Kissell actually said that he “doesn’t endorse anyone, but that he will be voting for president Obama.”

Attempting to be a voice of moderation at the downtown Hamlet meeting, Mabry encouraged those in attendance to withhold judgment until Kissell gets a chance to explain himself.

“But there’s only one person that can tell you that, and it’s not me,” said Mabry who “is working with (Kissell’s) scheduler” to set a meeting with the Representative.

“I called again today and they did not get a schedule to me, and I will continue calling him every day because quite frankly he made the statement to the press and he needs to answer you about what that statement was,” Mabry continued.

Mabry said that the 8th District will release a statement once its executive committee has had a chance to convene with Kissell and formally discuss the matter.

Nearly a dozen PAC members from the district took turns bashing Kissell, with some even speculating that the Representative may be a “plant from the Republican party.”

LOL. Yeah. A “plant” they supported … until recently.

If you’re experiencing a feeling of schadenfreude right about now over Kissell’s campaign woes, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. ;)

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