#TheObamaEffect trailer: What liberal brainwashing looks like

No, I don’t get the warm fuzzies when I watch this. I get the creepy crawlies:

From the YouTube Channel description:

“The Obama Effect” starring Katt Williams, Charles S. Dutton, Meagan Good, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Emilio Rivera, Glynn Turman and Zab Judah.

In the beginning of the 21st century, no one ever thought that an African-American would become the first President of the United States. But it happened, and an entire country celebrated the exceptional efforts pulled off by citizens ready for sweeping change. But this change didn’t come without effort. It required a unification of all people from all races and nationalities, which is what “The Obama Effect” is about.

This film centers around a middle-aged man (Charles S. Dutton) who is faced with some difficult life questions after having a heart attack. Attempting to get back on track with his life, he takes on the Obama campaign with full force in an effort to fight for something he believes in. In the end, he not only learns that putting effort into something can yield unexpected results, but that fighting for something you believe in, including yourself, is what life is all about.

For the liberals reading this who can’t wait to pay their hard-earned money to go and spend an hour and a half watching this movie, save your time and keep your change. This movie is short, sweet and to the point – and free to watch:

In the name of all that is good and decent in this world, America, please – please wake up by November 6th. Please. This country cannot take another four years of this guy.

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