Profiling? Black Mayor Pro Tem of Dunn, NC blames “saggy pants” for drug sales, murder

Via Raleigh’s WRAL:

Dunn, N.C. — Dunn Mayor Pro Tem Carnell Robinson says sagging pants are bringing down the city’s image.

He wants to enact an ordinance prohibiting the fashion statement, which is typified by men whose underwear is visible above the waist of their pants.

Under Robinson’s proposal, the first two violations would result in a warning. The third time, violators could face a fine of up to $200.

“I believe this form of dress is totally disrespectful,” Robinson said Wednesday. “(This is) just a simple matter of the community re-establishing some standards.”

He says that higher community standards will result in lower crime.

Saggy pants “is part of a culture that breeds drug sales, drug addictions, crime and murder,” Robinson said. “That is not what I want for our community.”


The proposal will be up for discussion at the Dunn City Council’s August meeting. Robinson said he drafted his proposal based on a similar ordinance in Tuscumbia, Ala., one of several towns in the nation that has banned saggy pants.

I remember not long after the Trayvon Martin controversy started to make national headlines and the mainstream media went on a disinformation spree, a very heated debate – prompted by Geraldo Rivera – erupted on the issue of so-called “hoodie profiling.” Rivera insisted that had Martin not been wearing a hoodie he would still be alive. Some who believed Zimmerman was a cold-blooded murderer asserted angrily that Martin was unfairly targeted by Zimmerman simply because the high school teenager was “black” and “wearing a hoodie.” Protests across America saw (mostly) black Americans (including showboating politicians and celebrities) show “solidarity” with the dead teen by wearing hoodies. Martin family supporters changed their Twitter profile pictures to display an assortment of hoodies. Lebron James tweeted a picture of the Miami Heat wearing hoodies to show they stood shoulder to shoulder with the Martin family.

With that in mind, I wonder how much blowback this mayor will receive for his remarks, which suggest that the majority of crimes are committed by people wearing baggy pants? I suspect he won’t receive much, if any heat, outside of the “respectful” variety because not only is he a black Democrat but he’s a black Democrat who supports President Obama.

In actuality, a thoughtful, candid discussion about the sensitive issue of “profiling” is necessary but unfortunately we have left wing bureaucrats and other assorted varieties of self-important public figures who immediately jump on the race card boat anytime this issue crops up, which stifles the debate and scares people off. Would America be better off if we could have this type of open and honest discussion without the raaaacism charge being flung or is it an outrage to suggest profiling of any kind is necessary to deter crime, with no debate needed?

I’m interested in your thoughts. Ready, set, go.

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