Discussion: Should Todd Akin withdraw tomorrow?

This whole story is just depressing as heck.    There is no question what Akin said was stupid and inexcusable, but as I said on Twitter earlier today, watching Dems fundraise, demagogue, & smear others off of it is far worse – IMO.

On both my Twitter and Facebook accounts, the “he must go” votes have the edge, but some are  holding strong and saying he should stay – that he could still beat McCaskill.  I’ve read that the national GOP has pulled funding from the race and he is losing support from PACs, etc, so if he stays in he will have an uphill climb both from a fundraising standpoint as well as a PR standpoint. The MSM, Democrats, and the like will use his remarks to reignite the bogus “war on women” argument, taking the focus off of the economy – which is the central issue in this year’s election.

I don’t have a definitive opinion on this just yet. I’m torn.   I see both sides. We need control of the Senate, yes, but would him dropping out make it more likely we could snag McCaskill’s seat? I don’t know enough about that race to say.  OTOH, is he really “worse” than McCaskill? I don’t think so.

Sources say that Akin advisers are making preparations for him to withdraw tomorrow. What do you think he should do?

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