Obama campaign, feminists on same page: Women are defined by their #ladyparts

It’s officially official: Real feminism as we know it, the kind where women fought for an equal place at the table and to be judged on the basis of their abilities rather than their sex, is dead and gone.

Lady parts?

Breitbart’s John Nolte writes:

In this classless White House, between desecrating the American flag with Obama’s ego, campaign t-shirts with the F-bomb on them, and the President’s willingness to fundraise in Vegas the same day we learned our Libyan ambassador had been assassinated — this sort of tackiness is becoming the norm, not the exception.

Is “patronizing” one of the weapons in this manufactured War on Women?

Not long after conservatives, led by Twitchy.com, started pointing out the absurdity of the Obama campaign’s Tumblr on “lady parts”, it was pulled. But screen-caps live forever.

Sadly, President Obama seems to have a “lock” on the majority of the women’s vote in America, and the campaign’s outrageous Tumblr that defined women as nothing more than the sum total of their “lady parts” is something they no doubt created in order to latch onto left wing feminists’ obsession with their female reproductive organs.

We’ve come a long way, baby – full circle, to be exact. Right back to being judged on our womanhood instead of our brains. These are what “women’s rights” are supposedly about as defined by the NOWs and NARALs of America – perpetuated by their allies in Obama administration – and it is, frankly, a sad commentary on the state of modern day feminism as we know it.

What a disservice Democrats and their fawning feminist fanny-kissers have done to young women across our great nation. How many generations will it take to undo this damage? Even more to the point, can the damage even be undone?

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