Creative Loafing CLT honors ST w/ backhanded compliment in Best of 2012 issue :)

Most of this has already been said about me before, but never quite so – er, artfully:



Sister Toldjah

She’s bold, that’s for sure. Her handle is a play on Sista Souljah, an African-American rapper and radical political activist of the ’90s who couldn’t be any more different from Ms. Toldjah, who is a blonde, self-described “genuine conservative Southern belle born in the wrong era.” We don’t know exactly what era the Sister thinks she should have been born in, but we suspect it must be the era of Watergate, white-only country clubs, closeted gays and Betty Crocker housewives. Her tweets are defiantly, self-righteously and mean-spiritedly anti-women, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-liberal β€” and yet she benefits from the landmark work all of those groups have done to make her and her country stronger. Oh, but she’s pro-liar (see her link to A typical Toldjah tweet: “[Feminists] are a disgrace to classy yet passionate debate.” You, uh … go, girl. No, really. Go.

Aww, shucks – I am so feeling the love from that one, CL. Thank you. Thank you very much. :)

And a photo, just for preservation purposes:

Thanks, Creative Loafing!

I should note for out of state peeps that Creative Loafing Charlotte, a supporter of the Occupy movement, is the top “alternative/independent” newspaper in the Charlotte area and – naturally – being “alternative” and “independent” it swings wildly to the left, because to mags like CL, reliably liberal local newspapers like the Charlotte Observer just aren’t left-wing enough to suit their tastes …

It’s funny. In my younger days when I was a liberal I’d walk into a restaurant and see that they had posted their “Best of Creative Loafing” awards prominently for patrons to see, and I’d think to myself “I’d love to have something like that posted in my (future) place of business.” It was (and still is) a badge of honor for local businesses to receive their stamp of approval (CL makes their picks, and then their readers get to make their picks as well). On the flip side, when you get a backhanded “compliment” from them – such as the case it was with me – it can still be an honor.

Their “best of” honorable mention of me is one I accept without hesitation. If they’d actually praised me, I’d be worried – and you would be, too.

Will this be framed and posted in my home office? You betcha! It will serve as a reminder to me everyday of just how much I get under the left’s skin, and just how much so many of them despise actual independent thought, and just how wrong liberals are when it comes to who they think I “owe” my freedoms to as a woman. Newsflash: It’s not radical “feminists” aka current-day far left “womyn” who think with their girlie parts and who hypocritically preach hate against men. It’s with the First Wave feminists of old who fought for the right to vote, equal pay, a voice at the table – the right to be judged by who we are as human beings, not based solely on our sex. These women would be ashamed of modern-day “feminists”, their despicable “all about ME!!” narcissism and their attempts at defining women by stupidly dressing up as vaginas, and/or calling themselves “sluts.” Today’s feminists are an affront to real feminism everywhere, and as long as the Lord allows me to continue to breathe and to continue to have a functioning brain, I will fight this harmful, dangerous, irresponsible, backwards, toxic form of feminism

You can count on it. You can also count on me standing shoulder to shoulder with conservative black people, gays, and other conservative minorities who REFUSE to view themselves as “victims of society.” If you think I receive a lot of hate and flack for what I say, you should see what they have to put up with as “traitors” to their race/sexual orientation, etc. It is awful. INTOLERANT. Not “big tent liberalism” in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

As an interesting side note, not quite a year ago I received an email from a CL Editor who had seen my Occupy Charlotte commentary, was impressed, and wanted me to write for Creative Loafing. I never responded. Guess I’ve fallen out of favor with them jut a bit since then, hmm? ;;)

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