Backlash against black actress & Romney supporter Stacey Dash shows failure of ID politics

In case you missed it, this happened:

“Clueless” star Stacey Dash recently tweeted her support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, accompanied by a patriotic swimsuit picture of herself.

But now her political viewpoint has become the subject of online attacks, with many expressing crude distaste that she isn’t endorsing President Obama – and race has become a key motivator behind the digital abuse.

“You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing Mitt Romney. You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot,” one Twitter user wrote, while @Black Voice wrote, “Stacey Dash had a perm since birth. I knew I couldn’t trust her.. lol.”

Others accused the actress of “voting for white supremacy,” claiming she “is white with a dark tan,” and calling Dash a slew of offensive names.

Several other Obama supporters even went as far as to encourage “the old hag” to “kill herself.” One suicide encourager is listed as a doctor and politically active Democrat in Washington D.C., and although he reportedly has deleted the inflammatory “kill yourself” tweet, it was captured by social media news site,

I watched a lot of this unfold over the weekend on Twitter, and what you just read above is only a VERY small sampling of the vicious hate she was subjected to over voicing her support for Mitt Romney, and most of it came from black liberals who called her a “race traitor” for “turning her back” on a “black President.” Of course, when you questioned them on if they thought white people were “turning their backs” on their race by voting for Obama, you were met with either silence or the same mindless hate (and hypocrisy).

This even though President Obama is technically a Caucasian African-American (right, New York Times?), but why let that little technicality get in the way of a race-based lynch mob conducted by black liberals against another black person who failed to “stay on the plantation” by not supporting Obama?

This is where the abject failure of identity politics screams the loudest and looks the ugliest. Because the left has invested so much time, energy, effort, muscle, and money over the last several decades into pitting “victim’ groups of black people, women, gays, etc, against each other, the inevitable result is that when one doesn’t “fall in line” with the rest in “the group”, it’s immediately assumed that person is a sell-out, a traitor. All of this because one “victim” dared to think differently. For black people who philosophically align themselves more so with Republicans and conservatives than they do with Democrats and liberals, the backlash is especially bad – where insults of “OREO” and “Uncle Tom” and “house slave” fly with wild abandon.

And who are the first ones to swoop in and defend blacks (and gays, women, etc) who “stray from the left wing nest”? Not many (if any) from the so-called “party of tolerance” but instead the party that supposedly “hates” those victim groups and “actively works against them” (if the left is to be believed). Why doesn’t the left step in and defend “minorities” who don’t toe the liberal line? I’ll tell you: When it comes to the black community and Democrats, it’s ALL ABOUT VOTES. White Democrats will not defend black Republicans from the disgusting hostility they face from black liberals because they’d rather not offend those black Democrats whose votes they so desperately need. Instead, they stay quiet, allowing without question highly intolerant liberals in their party to spout off lies and smears against people who simply made different political choices. This is poisonous and makes it so we can’t have candid, open, honest discussions about race in America.

Am I saying white Democrats should defend a black Republican’s ideology? Of course not. I just think they should to step up en masse and demand a REAL new tone from “their side” in these situations and a focus away from zeroing in on that person’s race. Instead, they should ask questions as to what would make that person not want to be a Democrat (chances are it doesn’t have much at all to do ith race). But they can’t – and won’t ever – do that because they know it’s that much harder to win if outraged black Democrats stay home on election day. As a result, conservative black people who think differently from liberal black people are sacrificed on the altar of the left’s political obsession with identity politics, leaving America stuck in the past – and ensuring that we can’t move forward on the issue.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: NEVER let the left convince you they’re more “open-minded” and “tolerant” of differing viewpoints than the right are. Incidents like the unfortunate one with Ms. Dash continue to demonstrate that such assertions are outright lies – and ones on which they must ALWAYS be called out.

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