Battleground NC: Michelle Obama to visit NC on Monday

If I recall correctly, the President himself hasn’t been here since August, but surrogates have visited on his behalf – like the VP and Mrs. Biden, among others. Via the Charlotte Observer:

Details of her visit have not been announced. It will be the first lady’s fifth visit to North Carolina since August.

Her visit is apparently in lieu of her husband’s.

President Obama’s final campaign schedule, released Thursday morning, includes stops in the battlegrounds of Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, New Hampshire and Florida — but not North Carolina.

At September’s Democratic National Convention, 65,000 people with credentials for the president’s cancelled speech at Bank of America stadium were told that they would get a chance to see him before the election.


Obama spokesman Cameron French called Michelle Obama’s visit “a clear sign that we have not given up on North Carolina.”

Here are polling numbers for the Presidential battle here in NC. Romney took the lead in the month of October, outside of just a few polls that show them tied.

Quite frankly, if they consider the state still in contention I’m surprised Obama himself wouldn’t visit – as he did the day before the election in 2008. But I guess they think sending the First Lady is the next best thing to him touching base in North Carolina directly.

Will be interesting to see where she visits. My bet is that she’ll come here to Charlotte to try and shore up her hubby’s base of supporters.

As they say, stay tuned….

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