The 2nd Term #KardashianPresidency gets underway: Biden to star in sitcom


Among the truly minor questions settled by Tuesday’s presidential election was this one: Would Joe Biden get a chance to play a winner on a sitcom?

The answer is yes.

With the race won, a guest appearance by Mr. Biden on the NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation,” filmed way back in July, can finally be revealed. Everything about the scene, which the executive producer of the show, Michael Schur, labeled a “scenelet,” had been under strict secrecy. The show was warned that if any word leaked out before the election, some provision might have to be made to give the Republican vice-presidential nominee, Representative Paul Ryan, a similar cameo.

“It was all very byzantine and complicated,” Mr. Schur said. “There seem to be all kinds of specific rules, which I never fully understood. But we decided to err on the side of caution.”

The re-elected vice president will make a guest appearance on the episode scheduled for Nov. 15 on NBC. He is playing, yes, Joseph R. Biden Jr., the one who has frequently been mentioned in a running joke on the show as an object of fascination — and a little love-struck passion — by its lead character, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler.

As fans of the show know, Leslie, a hard-core Democrat and populist, idolizes Mr. Biden. “Our first joke way back had Leslie telling her friend Ann that her ideal man would have the brain of George Clooney and the body of Joe Biden,” Mr. Schur said. “For whatever reason, she has an irresistible attraction to the vice president in a movie-star kind of way.”


But what do you expect? Both of the clowns who were just re-elected to “lead” this country for another four years are quite possibly the most un-serious, unwise, and, frankly, unworthy people we’ve had in the White House since  the Carter administration – and maybe even before that.  This is most certainly not what we needed in 2008 and it sure as hell isn’t what we need now. It’s all about symbolism, style, and flash rather than substance with this duo and the administration that serves under them.

Which is why I’ve dubbed this the Kardashian Presidency.  The Kardashians have various “reality” shows that are anything but about “real life.” Everything is staged for the cameras, all the drama, the tears, the laughs, etc.  There is nothing “real” about most “reality”shows in general, and there is very little real about the celebrity presidency of Barack Obama and his gaffetastic sidekick Joe Biden. It’s all about surface appearances and rose-colored glasses and cocktail parties.

One thing that IS not fake, however, is the sobering and all too real reality they don’t want you to see of how deeply this country’s economy is in the tank. And will be more so once the 2nd term jobless “body count” from ObamaCare rises rapid fire … which is already happening.

The next four years is going to be hell. On us for having to endure another 48 months of media fawning and covering up scandals, and on Obama for what is about to be verbally unleashed on him by pi**ed off conservatives not just in government but outside of it who are sick of the lies, demagoguery, and superficiality, along with the deeply disturbing imperial nature of this President.

Side note: As a “post mortem” of sorts on Tuesday, even acknowledging we have work to do on the issue of appealing to minorities while not abandoning our core principles, as it turns out this election maybe was not so much about minorities showing up in epic numbers for BO but instead several million 2008 white voters who simply stayed home.  Did Obama’s class warfare strategy work in the end?  Read this as food for thought in the aftermath of what happened two days ago and let me know your thoughts.

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