Surprise: NYTimes tries to cover for Obama, Rice on #Benghazi using #Petraeus

Their headline, and the first two paragraphs, say it all (hat tip):

Petraeus Says U.S. Tried to Avoid Tipping Off Terrorists After Libya Attack

WASHINGTON — David H. Petraeus, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, told lawmakers on Friday that classified intelligence reports revealed that the deadly assault on the American diplomatic mission in Libya was a terrorist attack, but that the administration refrained from saying it suspected that the perpetrators of the attack were Al Qaeda affiliates and sympathizers to avoid tipping off the groups.

Mr. Petraeus, who resigned last week after admitting to an extramarital affair, said the names of groups suspected in the attack — including Al Qaeda’s franchise in North Africa and a local Libyan group, Ansar al-Shariah — were removed from the public explanation of the attack immediately after the assault to avoiding alerting the militants that American intelligence and law enforcement agencies were tracking them, lawmakers said.

But guess what? Read on down into the article and you’ll note that the “lawmakers” who characterized Petraeus testimony as such were Democrats, and to back that up, the NYT enlists anonymous “officials” who wouldn’t go on record as saying the line about AQ was removed to keep the terrorist perps from knowing we were on to them.


Even though we don’t have a transcript of his testimony, let’s assume for discussion purposes this is an accurate accounting of Petraeus’ remarks on Friday. So they didn’t want to tip off AQ. Fine, but that doesn’t explain why they KNOWINGLY falsely blamed a so-called “filmmaker” and his “anti-Islam” video FOR WEEKS for the “spontaneous” protests that in reality were not so spontaneous. For whatever this man’s sins were, did he deserve the harsh global scrutiny and condemnation he received as a result of the (what I believe to be a) coordinated efforts from high-ranking people in this administration – including President Obama himself – to blame what happened on 9/11/12 on him? Did he deserve the LIFETIME of fear he’ll feel from Islamofascistic threats as a result of them WILLINGLY using him as a scapegoat? This man will be in hiding and on the run for the rest of his life as a DIRECT result of this administration’s words and actions in the aftermath of the Benghazi terror attacks.

Politicos, national commentators, and pundits alike talked and wrote about this filmmaker and blamed his supposed bigoted “intolerance” for the video he made, rather than blame the actual PERPS who committed the riots and murders in Benghazi. This in spite of the fact that even IF the video had been the catalyst (and we know that it was NOT), that it still was NO excuse for the alleged “spontaneous rioters” to end up brutally murdering four, including a US Ambassador and 2 former Navy SEALs.

Furthermore, Petraeus testimony as described by others did NOT explain why security was so lax at the consulate despite prior attacks on it earlier in the year, despite murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens’ expressed concerns about their ability to sustain more attacks.

Petraeus’ testimony does NOT let this administration, not Rice, not Clinton, not Obama, no one off the hook for the fact that these murders did NOT have to happen, and the fact that in the aftermath an innocent third-rate “anti-Islam filmmaker” did NOT have to be scapegoated in order for them to still be vague about exactly who they KNEW the attackers were. The American people were deliberately misinformed as to the who, what, when, and where of this attack from the start, and as a result the families of those murdered still do not have the answers they are owed, and a filmmaker who no one really knew or gave much of a rip about will be forever in hiding because of the calculated yet careless reaction of this administration on the issue of Benghazi.

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