BREAKING: In spite of union violence, Michigan becomes 24th Right To Work state

Unfortunately, this happened … with people INSIDE the tent:

As did this sickening assault on conservative comedian Steven Crowder:

Fortunately, it didn’t stop this awesome thing from happening:

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed right-to-work legislation, dealing a devastating and once-unthinkable defeat to organized labor in a state that has been a cradle of the movement for generations.

He put his signatures on the bills Tuesday, hours after the state House passed the measures as the chants of thousands of angry pro-union protesters filled the Capitol.

Snyder says a failed ballot proposal to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the constitution triggered the discussion that led to the passage and signing of right-to-work.

During a news conference, he called the protests “an exercise in democracy.”

Congrats, Michigan! Freedom wins!

BTW, I expect a news conference any minute now from President Barack Obama strongly condemning the disgusting union violence and thuggery and threats that has happened in Michigan as the result of the debate and eventual passage of this important law. After all, he IS the “New Tone” President, you know.

Waiting ……

Update: A reward is being offered for information that will lead to the arrest of the jack a** who assaulted Crowder. Dana Loesch has the details.

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