Disturbing: Latest Newsweek cover features Obama w/ the caption: “Second Coming”

Wow, Newsweek sure isn’t doing themselves – nor their fellow cultish Obama worshippers – any favors by continuing to expose (collectively) their disturbing tendency to view our celebrity President as though he is God.

Newsweek's Obama cover
‘Second Coming’? I don’t think so.

Via Twitchy Team, which writes:

First the angel Obama-el got his gay-lo from Newsweek, and now, in the creepy 2013 Inauguration issue, he’s the second coming.

Framing President Obama as our lord and savior isn’t surprising. We’re more shocked by the news that Newsweek still has covers after killing its print publication. But that doesn’t make it any less creepy and cult-like.


Like I’ve said before, to many liberals government=God, and via extension a “hip” and “cool” Democrat President like Barack Obama (and Bill Clinton fit the mold, also) is their Lord and Savior and “He” is righteous and mighty and must be obeyed:

Then again, what do you expect from people who by and large view government aka Uncle Sam as God and your private religious beliefs that are supposed to be guaranteed under the US Constitution as secondary to what the their government god mandates?

Of course, even though Clinton is like Obama in this regard, Obama’s taken it several steps further. Both he and his wife made sure to paint him in a “God-like” light (“planet begins to heal“, “Obama is the only one who can heal this nation and fix our souls“) during his first campaign for President, and it’s a meme they have continued to operate under since then. Why not? It’s worked so well for them to this point. Why stop a “good” thing, especially when it helps get you elected to not just one term in the White House but two?

Our culture continues to rot from the inside out, and this Newsweek cover is just one of many real-time examples of the rot in progress. No person, no media outlet, no one at all should ever view a public servant as God or anything similar. Not even we Reagan afficionados view “The Gipper” in the mindless, bot-like way so many Obama fanatics look at “The One.” It’s a deeply disturbing mindset, and one that needs to be called out and called out loudly whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now is one of those times.

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