#SOTU drinking game: One way of getting through an hour of an Obama speech

Well, to be responsible about this, I don’t recommend drinking through the ENTIRE speech – should you have the stomach to watch it – but a couple of beers might help you get through the hour.  Suggested words to drink to, courtesy of the Debate Drinking website:

Start off right. Take a drink if the state of the union is‘strong’ – take two drinks if it is anything other than strong.

Take a drink* when you hear any of the following words or phrases

Let me be clear
Invest (ing/ment)
The time for (anything) is now
Robot Uprising
Middle Class

They’ll also have “real-time, live-streaming, drink-totaling, super-hyphenated, magic scoreboard” you can follow as well.  For those of you who are REALLY into it. :) Just please make sure to drink responsibly, and all that.

Yours truly won’t be watching the speech, but will be monitoring the “festivities” on Twitter, where the translations from fellow conservatives of what Obama says usually prove to be right on the money.

Following the President’s speech (excerpts) will be the GOP response, which will be given by Senator Marco Rubio  (FL) (excerpts).  Senator Rand Paul (KY) will provide the Tea Party rebuttal to Obama (excerpts).  Not sure if Rubio and Paul will be speaking at the same time or not.  Daily Caller makes it sound like they will be back to back. I suspect this is the case.

If you can’t get to a TV for the 9pm ET speech, you can – of course – catch it on C-SPAN.

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