A Hillary Clinton/Michelle Obama ticket in 2016? Say it ain’t so – please!

Stop the insanity! Via the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard at the Washington Secrets blog:

Hillary Clinton hasn’t stepped into the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries yet and there’s already buzz growing for the ultimate grrl power ticket: Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama.

“All due respect for President Obama and Vice President Biden, but that would truly be a dream team for America,” said former Clinton spokeswoman Karen Finney. “Both women are proven effective leaders who’ve raise children, so dealing with Congress would be a snap!” added Finney, also a former Democratic Party spokeswoman.

“More than anything else, this reflects the growing awareness that it is time for the glass ceiling of the last old boys club to be firmly shattered,” added Democratic strategist Chris Lehane.

It’s not just talk. Bumper stickers reading “2016-Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama,” and “Hillary-Michelle 2016 First First Lady Ticket For President” are popping up. Cafe Press said sales of the Hillary-Michelle bumper sticker saw a 60% increase from December to March, with the largest uptick in March.

I can barely stomach the current First Lady let alone the former First Lady-turned Senator-turned Sec. of State.   Having the two of them as running mates during the 2016 Presidential election would be too much to bear – especially after going through eight disastrous years of our celebrity President and Joe Gaffetastic Biden.

Let’s hope that all this is is just fantasy talk from the left – and nothing more.  In the event something does become of this, however, pollster John Zogby doesn’t think it would go over well with the American people:

Pollster John Zogby, however, questions if the ticket would sell. “Hillary and Michelle are both very popular and accomplished, but this smacks of too much celebrity and is a tad too dynastic for American voters,” he said. “An interesting reality show, yes. A ticket, no.”

I’ll pass on them teaming up for a reality show, too.  After Obama’s last term in office is over, I’m praying both of the Obamas, along with the Clintons, fade out of the spotlight for a while.    A very long while.

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama
Clinton-Obama 2016? Noooooo…..
Photo via USA Today

(Hat tip: Memeorandum)

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