Organizing for America executive director claims OFA “not a partisan organization”

Riiiiight. And I’m Martha Stewart.  Via The Politico:

Top donors, volunteers and organizers for President Barack Obama’s new nonprofit met Wednesday at a Washington hotel to discuss how the group can stay active and relevant in the president’s second term — but Obama and the group’s leader swears the effort is nonpartisan.

“I want to say a word about what we aren’t: We are not a partisan organization,” said Jon Carson, a former White House official who is now serving as the executive director of Organizing for Action.

“We are here to move this shared progressive agenda forward,” he added. “We will advocate to Democrats to move that agenda forward. We will advocate to Republicans. But issues are our focus.”

Obama is scheduled to speak Wednesday evening, but he told House Republicans at a closed-door meeting Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill that OFA is meant to address issues, not politics.

“OFA is organized around issues rather than 2014,” Obama said, according to a source in the room.

Obama said Democrats aren’t so savvy to always be thinking about the next election.

“We are not that smart,” Obama said. “We’re not thinking in those ways.”

But while the group has vowed to remain nonpartisan, the lineup of speakers featured a raft of former White House, campaign and administration officials — all Democratic partisans.

Duh.  Just who do these people selling the White House think they’re fooling? Outside of their gullible base, that is …. oh wait, that’s the point.  My bad.

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