“Morning After Pill” Tweet of the Week

From Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher:

My response to the news of a federal judge striking down age limits on the sale of the so-called “Morning After Pill” (which I don’t consider in contention for “Tweet of the Week” – just sharing):

It’s fascinating, really. Adults have to have to either sign for or have a prescription for certain types of allergy medications but a 13 year old can purchase a powerful hormonal drug that can almost quite literally rip out her uterus lining without anyone ever having to know about it – including her parents.

And, oh no, this pill won’t be abused, you see. Nope. Not at all. /sarc o=>

I’m grateful we live in a society full of freedom of choice and free will, but at the same time our society – especially since the mid 60s, via government actions, cultural shifts, and misguided social movements – has enabled conditions of the environment to make it so easy for people to be as irresponsible as possible … without thinking of what the consequences can be later on. And in the end, we all end up paying for it one way or another. We really are our own worst enemies, when it comes right down to it. The cycle of national shame continues.

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