The Obama admin’s current national security “priorities” – summed up in one tweet

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum gets right to the heart of the matter – short, sweet, to the point (via Twitchy Team):

Any questions? Let’s all say a little prayer that Ms. MacCallum does not become a target of Obama’s DOJ – or the IRS – herself.

On a related note, the Atlantic Wire’s Connor Simpson writes about how a New York Times reporter was recently targeted by Obama’s DOJ, too – referencing a Times article on the matter that talks about just how “wide the net” is that the DOJ is casting on journalists (hat tip). William Teach at the Pirate’s Cove blog wonders about the potential for a chilling effect this may have on both MSM journalists and government officials going forward:

What all this does is create a chill on media contact. Government employees will clam up even when there is no threat. And it will make the Press worried that The Government will come after them if they publish a story. This is intimidation. Let’s not forget how the Obama admin treats many reporters which are critical and publish unflattering stories. Sharyl Attkinson is the poster child for how the Obama admin abuses reporters. The O admin is saying “toe the line, do what we tell you, or we’re coming after you”, which may not violate the letter of the 1st Amendment, but surely violates the spirit.

The question for The Press now is “do you continue to act mostly like little lapdogs, or do you all refuse to be intimidated and finally decide to do you job in keeping government honest?”

Decisions, decisions …

Obama's lapdogs
”Change” coming …?
(Image via Weasel Zippers)

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