Dem Governors to Gov. Perry: TX needs to stop trying to steal our jobs!

If this story doesn’t make you laugh out loud with glee while doing a little “Toldjah So!” chant, I don’ t know what will:

Gov. Rick Perry’s high-profile efforts to lure jobs to Texas from other states may be good business and smart politics back home, but they’re infuriating to prominent Democrats around the country.

And now at least one Republican business leader says Perry’s taking the Lone Star swagger a little too far.

Perry’s forceful recruitment campaigns, featuring radio and magazine ads as well as personal appearances, promise low-tax, pro-growth policies in Texas —and they also trash the business climate in places like California (“…I hear building a business in California is next to impossible”) and Illinois (“…an environment that, intentionally or not, is designed for you to fail.”)

Those attacks hit where it hurts and have touched off an angry political backlash against Perry outside the Texas borders, with Democrats mocking his attempts to steal jobs as clownish – and warning the Republican governor to keep his hands off. In a memorable put-down, Gov. Jerry Brown said Perry’s incursions into California were about as effective as breaking wind.

But other observers say Perry knows exactly what he’s doing.

“At the end of the day, no matter how any of the [states] respond, people are left with two distinct messages: That guy down in Texas has got big brass balls and he’s creating a lot of jobs,” Mark McKinnon, a political strategist with deep Texas ties, told POLITICO. “It’s brilliant marketing and very smart politics.”

McKinnon also noted, “Of course it breaks all the rules of inter-state diplomacy and protocol.”

Perry has stepped up jobs raids into the blue states of Illinois and California this yearefforts that come as he looks to announce his next political step after the Texas legislative session concludes. His current gubernatorial term is up in 2014, and he hasn’t ruled out a 2016 presidential run.

Heh. Read the rest of the article to find the names of the Democrat feathers he’s ruffling,  and which Democrats are putting on airs about how Perry ‘can try, but he won’t succeed.’  Hilarious because … many CA companies are indeed finding Texas to have a much more hospitable business climate.  Some California companies have ALREADY moved to TX – with many more considering. Get used to it, Dem. Governors. And while you’re at it -why not make your respective state’s business policies as friendly as Texas’ are so that these companies won’t want to relocate?  This is the spirit of good ol’ American competition. Hello?

TX Gov. Rick Perry
Nice work, Gov.

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