Dana @Milbank didn’t get the memo: To feminists, #prolife women don’t matter

From my first column for the pro-life website Life News:

Washington Post opinion columnist Dana Milbank was not unlike lots of liberal feminists this [past] week, many of who were overcome with a case of the vapors over Congressman Trent Franks’ remarks
on the low percentage of pregnancies that occur as the result of being raped.

Compounding their outrage was the fact that on the House Judiciary Committee – where Franks’ bill banning abortion after 20 weeks passed on a party line vote, paving the way for it to go to the House floor next week – there were 23 Republican men, and no women.  How could they dare to have an informed opinion on such a sensitive issue, considering they are men who can’t get pregnant – let alone pregnant as a result of rape?

Milbank, predictably, fell in line with the pro-abortion lobby’s narrow-minded, exclusionary thinking on this issue, and wrote accordingly:


“There isn’t one Republican woman on the panel” Milbank wrote.

It’s interesting he seemingly believes that would have made a difference not only in the outcome of the committee vote on the bill but also on the opinions of those who stand staunchly in opposition of Franks’ efforts – chiefly, career professional feminists and their dogmatic supporters.  For starters, even if all 23 Republicans on the committee were women, the bill still would have passed because most of the Republican women in the US House are pro-life.


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