#GZtrial: Rogue prosecution starts closing arguments against George #Zimmerman

Zimmerman Trial
The trial of George Zimmerman.
Graphic courtesy of WFTV.

Via Fox News:

A Florida prosecutor painted George Zimmerman as an angry vigilante who “tracked” Trayvon Martin through a gated community and provoked the confrontation that claimed the teenager’s life in a scorching summation Thursday.

“A teenager is dead,” said prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda in his closing argument. “He’s dead not just because the man made those assumptions, but because he acted on those assumptions and unfortunately, because his assumptions were wrong, Trayvon Benjamin Martin no longer walks on this Earth.”

The closing prosecution arguments brought the case one step closer to the jury. On Friday morning, defense lawyers were scheduled to present their closing arguments, followed by a prosecution rebuttal. Then the case will move to the all-female, six-member jury.

De la Rionda told the jury Thursday that Zimmerman wanted to be a police officer and that’s why he followed Martin through his neighborhood even though the teen wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“He assumed Trayvon Martin was a criminal. That is why we are here,” de la Rionda said.

Zimmerman showed ill will and hatred when he whispered profanities to a police dispatcher over his cell phone while following Martin, said de la Rionda as he urged jurors to hold Zimmerman accountable for his actions. In order to get a second-degree conviction, prosecutors must show Zimmerman showed ill will, hatred or spite.

“The law doesn’t allow people to take the law into their own hands,” de la Rionda said.

I have kept up with this trial since jury selection was over with and I can tell you right now that in the first week, before the defense ever called their first witness, reasonable doubt was flying all over the place regarding the allegations against George Zimmerman.   Nearly every single STATE witness, on cross, provided testimony that substantiated the crux of his account, which is that Trayvon Martin confronted HIM and started the fight, that Zimmerman didn’t display any “ill will” or “hatred” towards Martin.  Disgustingly enough, the state even argued at one point that POINTING A GUN IN AND OF ITSELF at another person constituted ill will and hatred towards someone else. I kid you not.  Their star witness, Rachel Jeantal – the young woman on the phone with Martin prior to the incident – is an admitted liar.  And another key witnesses’ testimony was so helpful to the defense that the state turned around and tried to discredit her w/ claims of bias!

Like I said early on, if the all-women jury of 6 didn’t gain a sense of reasonable doubt somewhere within the first couple of days – especially after EYEwitness John Good testified, God help George Zimmerman.

The defense gets to make their closing argument next, followed by a rebuttal from the state. Expect more fireworks tomorrow – and, as Florida pastors are urging, please continue to pray for a peaceful outcome, no matter the verdict ultimately reached by the jury.

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