VIDEO: Zimmerman legal team O’Mara & West talk #gztrial, media frenzy on Hannity

If you haven’t watched any post-Zimmerman verdict interview, you really should watch this one.  Last night, Sean Hannity interviewed Mark O’Mara and Don West, the attorneys for George Zimmerman, and they discussed the trial theatrics, the media frenzy that got us here, and the rogue prosecution and their potentially unlawful conduct prior to trial.

I have a feeling there will be much more to come on this case from these two, particularly from O’Mara. Sanctions may even be forthcoming against the prosecution – O’Mara alleges withholding of evidence, among other things. We shall see.

BTW, attorney Don West stirred up a hornet’s nest not only with his failed “knock knock joke” to start off the trial with, but also because of his sparring with Judge Debra Nelson as well as “star” prosecution witness Rachel Jeantal. Some find him abrasive and overly blunt, but I think with all the back and forth that has gone on regarding this case, blunt truths about the media, the prosecution and George Zimmerman himself are much-needed. Keep on keepin’ on, Mr. West. ;)

Not Guilty
The verdict is in.

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