Photographic evidence: #NCGA “feminist” group-think in action

Pro-abortion “feminists”, motivated – bizarrely enough – by a Maine state [Democrat] representative by the name of  Rep. Diane Russell, organized a “Twitter bomb” of sorts today (for non-Twitter users, that means “spamming”) the governor of my state for signing into law a bill that will make abortion clinics in North Carolina safer for women.  Instead of coming up with commentary for him that was original and creative they, well, used a canned response created by “the powers that be” and repeatedly spammed his account.  The below screencap is just a SMALL sampling of the repeated use of the same couple of  “condemnations” over and over again – some with the suspicious “egg” accounts … meaning accounts that likely are NOT real. SHOCKING!

Any questions?

Now some would say, “But ST, people organize letter-writing campaigns all the time and they are sometimes successful.” That’s true, but letter writing is different and – it takes a lot longer to write a letter than it does to compose a 140 character Tweet.  It doesn’t take much time and thought to type out your own unique message to elected officials on Twitter – so why couldn’t these “feminists” come up with something of their own? Guess it’s asking too much of my “intellectual betters” aka “REAL women” to actually have any independent thoughts outside of their pervasive “group-think” culture. *  Insert sad face here. *

PS: And for any conservatives who do this, too – STOP IT! :-w

Just say no … to hero worship and group-think, especially when the ”hero” is in the form of an opportunistic politician, and the group-think is, well, group-thinky. (Photo via @ExJon)

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