@WendyDavisTexas: I will either run for governor, or reelection to TX state senate

Unborn babies beware.  Via Politico:

Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who skyrocketed to national fame after mounting a lengthy filibuster earlier this summer, on Monday said the only statewide office for which she’s considering a run is governor.


“I can say with absolute certainty that I will run for one of two offices: either for my state Senate seat or for the governor,” Davis said after addressing a lunch held at the National Press Club, when asked whether she’d consider running for other statewide positions.

“I’m still trying to decide, but I do think people are ready for a change from the partisan, very fractured leadership we have in Texas,” Davis said during a brief interview before her speech. She has met with the Democratic Governors Association in recent weeks about a potential gubernatorial run, a source told POLITICO Monday.

Yes, because we all know that there is nothing “partisan” about Ms. Davis, right? /sarc

Ironically, she has no idea how strong and powerful of a pro-life story her own life story presents:

She struck a serious tone as she outlined her own story, describing her rise from poverty — she was the first in her family to graduate college, much less Harvard Law School — in emotional terms. She recalled having to make tough choices at the grocery store as a young, single mother, stretching a 99-cents pizza out for four meals. She eventually went to community college, followed by Texas Christian University, before arriving in Cambridge.

Davis discovered her “voice,” she said, when she held her first college book.

“It happened when I was standing in front of a bookshelf at Tarrant County community college, holding what was to be my very first college book,” she said. “I will never forget the feeling of the book in my hands. It was an incredible and overpowering moment. It was further than anyone in my family had ever gotten, and it was further than I had ever hoped for myself.”

Does Senator Davis understand that had her then-single mother made the choice she currently advocates is ok for women to (to abort) that she wouldn’t have been around to read that book, and that her own children who – I am sure she is very proud of – wouldn’t exist? Sigh.

She was catapulted onto the national stage during an abortion debate, but much of her speech focused more broadly on the state of Texas politics. Still, Davis personalized the issue of women’s health clinic closures — something that has happened in Texas, separate from abortion-providing clinics.

She noted that for several years when she struggled financially, health clinics were where she received all of her health care. And when asked to detail the components of the abortion measure that she filibustered, which ultimately passed, she delivered an impassioned answer, charging that many women would lose access to the procedure.

But abortion is only “healthcare” in the event there is a serious life of the mother issue – which is rare, and which really almost no one argues against. And it is NEVER “healthcare” in terms of the mutilation that happens to the unborn baby.

Davis, who admitted today she didn’t know the particulars on the Gosnell case – which is one of the cases that inspired the Texas pro-life bill she tried to filibuster –  went on to echo House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, calling abortion a “sacred ground” issue:

Davis, sporting a fuchsia suit jacket, offered the audience a pledge.

“I want to leave you with this,” she said. “I will seek common ground because we all must. But sometimes you have to take a stand on sacred ground. Liberty: the freedom to choose what your future will hold.”

As I said on Twitter earlier, if you call abortion “sacred ground” you’ve pretty much established that you simply canNOT be taken seriously on the issue.  Full stop. There is absolutely NOTHING “sacred” about the “right” to kill an unborn child. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Nunca.   In any event, as Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey notes here, the likelihood of Davis winning the Governor’s seat in Texas by attempting to use this issue to appeal to voters probably won’t go over too well with Texans:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any Democrat is going to win a statewide election in Texas by quoting Nancy Pelosi on abortion, especially given the polling in the state before and during the battle over the late-term abortion ban. If Davis had any sense of self-awareness, I’d assume this was intended to be irony.  Instead, it’s simply farce.


TX state senator Wendy Davis
Think she’s studying up on what actually happens during a 20 week abortion procedure? Nah …
Photo via UPI.

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