Election 2016: Iowa trips ramp up for GOP politicos

It seems like the grueling 2012 Presidential election season was just put behind us.  Oh wait, it was.  Here we go again. Via MSN News:

Sen. Ted Cruz will headline a high-profile GOP fundraiser in Iowa in October as the jockeying for the next presidential candidacy begins to get more obvious.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas will be the star speaker at the Iowa Republican Party’s annual Ronald Reagan Dinner in October, which along with his frequent trips to the state has sparked speculation that he will run for president in 2016.

Cruz visited Iowa – a key state in the presidential primary – in July for a state GOP summer picnic and will be there again this weekend to speak to conservative Christians at a Family Leader summit in Ames, the Des Moines Register reported.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who made an unsuccessful presidential bid in 2012, also will speak at the dinner. Billionaire mogul Donald Trump, who may be exploring a presidential run, also will be speaking.

“Senator Cruz has quickly become nationally recognizable as someone who came to Washington to truly shake things up,” Iowa GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker said in a statement Monday. “Cruz has been a tremendous leader in holding the Obama administration accountable for the out-of-control debt and spending problems we face today. We are both honored and ecstatic to be having him keynote our fall Reagan Dinner.”

The dinner, which is held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, is one of the Iowa GOP’s largest events and has served as a platform for other GOP presidential hopefuls in the past.

Senator Rubio’s hasn’t been to Iowa since shortly after the 2012 election – and then it was for a birthday party for Republican governor Terry Branstad, and I haven’t seen any reports putting Gov. Christie in Iowa this year as of yet (but there have been polls pitting Hillary against Christie in Iowa). But both Senator Rand Paul (KY) has, while Gov. Jindal (LA) gave a speech in New  Hampshire in May.

Dunno about you guys, but I’m not really ready for another round just yet, but I guess we’ll have to be. These things get unofficially cranked up even before the dust settles from the previous presidential election.  At this stage, any early favorites for any of you? There is a little something to like about all of them, but this early on I can’t say I have locked in on a personal “favorite” to win the nomination.  It seems like we’ve got a long time to go, but in reality we don’t, considering how Democrats are already targeting potential nominees in speeches and talking head show commentary.


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