Unintentionally funny moment of the day: Weiner tells rude heckler to “beat it”

I gotta admit, even for a serial jerk like Weiner, this heckler was incredibly rude … especially considering she was in front of kids when she went on her profanity-laced tirade (LANGUAGE WARNING):

Anthony Weiner was roasted tonight in Brooklyn.

The embattled mayoral candidate faced down his angriest heckler to date in the shadow of the Barclays Center, fending off repeated f-bombs from a woman who claimed to be a former Weiner voter.

“You are disgusting! You are an embarrassment of a third-generation native,” said Jane Borock, 35, as she waded into a meet-and-greet with voters in a plaza bordering Atlantic Avenue. “Your little overnight sleepover in public housing. F*ck you! Go back to your little Hamptons house.”

Mr. Weiner, still playfully quizzing a mother and a young girl, tried to calm the woman down. “You’re very passionate. I appreciate your view.”

“I’m passionate? More passionate than you on Twitter. I’m a social media expert. Get someone to handle your shit! You are disgusting. Disgusting,” she railed. Ms. Borock, wielding a camera phone, then turned to the press surrounding her. “And f*ck you all for covering …”

“Whoa! Whoa,” said Mr. Weiner, growing angry. “You’ve got little kids here. You’ve got little kids here … just don’t curse.”

“Little kids?! You have NO right to talk about little kids … Talking about little kids? Social media? You wanna see some Twitter action?” she demanded.


As Ms. Borock, an art director, vented to reporters, Mr. Weiner continued to meet voters and take pictures. But the antics continued when Mr. Weiner was approached by a man wearing a small white fedora who said he was homeless, and asked: “When you become mayor, will you still be on the Internet showing yourself?”

“Uh, no,” Mr. Weiner said.

Ms. Borock, still railing about the affordable housing that she said the new Barclays Center had displaced, re-entered the fray after a brief lull. Mr. Weiner, however, was no longer willing to stomach Ms. Borock’s wrath without a fight.

“Oh, take is easy. Lighten up. You put your show on. Why don’t you beat it? Beat it!” Mr. Weiner shot back, strutting in front of his sign-holding volunteers.

“Beat it?” Ms. Borock, incredulous, said back.

Several men to the side yelled encouragements for Mr. Weiner.

Ummm … well, the double entendre-fest continues. That’s all I’ll say about that.

In related news, Mr. Weiner’s former online mistress, Sydney Leathers recently did a “bikini photo shoot” for the NY Post, now has a porn video out and is giving “tips” on how to “seduce politicians.” Sigh.

I’m not even a voter in the NYC mayoral race and I’m already ready for it to be over.  Please, NYC Democrats, do the right thing for once and don’t pick Mr. Weiner to be your nominee for mayor.   Please?

Carlos Danger
”Embarrassing” doesn’t quite cover this guy.

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