Contrast: @WendyDavisTexas glamorizes abortion, while @KonniBurton humanizes the unborn

There’s much discussion and fanfare today over pro-abortion, filibuster-happy TX state senator Wendy Davis [D] being glamorously profiled on the pages of the far-left feminist magazine Vogue (the upcoming September edition).  The Politico gives us the short version of the puff piece:

The magazine’s upcoming September issue, known for being chock-full of fall fashion, features a glowing profile and a glamorous picture of Davis, a Democratic lawmaker from Fort Worth, Texas, who may be mounting a bid for governor. The piece offers a revealing look at Davis’s personal journey: how a struggling single mother went on to graduate from Harvard Law School and become a leading figure in the state’s Democratic politics, and recently garnering national attention.


This summer, she led a 13-hour filibuster (wearing pink Mizuno sneakers [actually rouge red — ST] and a blue Escada coat, Vogue noted) that temporarily derailed a restrictive abortion measure, drawing national attention from major political players — including President Barack Obama, who tweeted support for her. While the bill ultimately passed, Davis’s newfound fame hasn’t diminished as she continues to weigh a gubernatorial bid.

“You won’t change things unless you are prepared to fight, even if you don’t win,” she told Vogue, adding, “But I do hate losing.”

The magazine notes that Davis, who has two daughters, now lives in a “Spanish-style townhouse” and is dating the former mayor of Austin, who launched the “Keep Austin Weird” initiative — a ubiquitous slogan today in the Texas capital. She raised nearly $1 million in the wake of her filibuster and made the rounds on political television, sparking national chatter about her future plans.

“Even if she wasn’t beautiful, even if she didn’t wear cute pink shoes, even if she didn’t have a perfect-seeming life, it would still be a very compelling story,” said Heidi Mitchell, a writer who penned the Davis profile. “None of those things hurt,” she added.

The story dishes about Davis’s unruly curly hair and impressive closet as it also outlines the challenging political landscape Democrats face in Texas and details her rise to prominence in the state’s political apparatus.

Isn’t that just lovely and sweet and all sugary and spicy? /sarc

What’s interesting about the article is that the word abortion doesn’t  appear at all in it, though “antiabortion” is in it in three different spots, but it makes clear what hot button issue helped her rise to national prominence, what’s gotten her cult-like supporters/fanatics hoping she’ll run for the TX governor spot: abortion, and Davis’ unapologetic enthusiasm for the grossly inhumane, immoral procedure which – at 20 weeks, where the pro-life bill Davis unsuccessfully filibustered says should be the cut off point for abortion – tears unborn baby body parts out of a pregnant woman piece by brutal, bloody piece. It should also be noted that Davis is on record as supporting the premise behind Roe v. Wade, which essentially says abortion should be available and unrestricted up until around the 24 week mark. That’s 4 more weeks of development that Ms. Davis would support ripping apart – literally.

Contrast that with the woman who could be her opponent in the state senate race (Fort Worth district SD-10), should she make it past the GOP primary – Tea Party candidate and adoptive mom Konni Burton:

Republican State Senate candidate Konni Burton Wednesday released a video online of one of her own two adopted daughters attacking Davis on abortion.

“I am thankful for the strength my birth mother had when she chose to place me up for adoption,” said 22-year-old Tori Burton in the video.

“Tori was more than happy to do that,” Konni Burton said. “It was a joy to do that with her.”

Konni Burton said the idea for the video actually began with a Facebook post by Tori, who was upset with Sen. Davis.

“We decided we needed to get the message out that my children are here because they were not aborted,” candidate Burton said.

She volunteered for years at the Edna Gladney Adoption Center, campaigned hard for Sen. Ted Cruz, and said Wendy Davis’ stand on abortion — which brought her attention — will ultimately be her undoing.

Let’s hope so. Here’s the powerful video Burton released featuring adopted daughter Tori Burton:


Powerful, especially when Konni Burton says this:

“Wendy Davis *says* she’s standing for women, but she has forgotten the women who will never have the chance to stand for themselves because their lives were taken while still in the womb.”

Ms. Davis rakes in thousands of campaign dollars – and continues to elevate her national profile – on the backs of dead, aborted babies.  This, in spite of her own life story, which is very much a pro-life story in and of itself.  Ms. Burton, on the other hand, wants the support of the citizens of SD-10 so she can fight for the very unborn lives Ms. Davis pretends don’t matter, to give them the chance at long, productive, fulfilling lives either with their birth parents or with adoptive parents like Konni and Phil Burton themselves, the proud adoptive parents of two daughters. These are the chances that Davis’ single mother gave her, that Davis gave to her own daughters. But it’s not a chance she’s willing to go to bat for when it comes to other unborn children. In fact, she does just the opposite.  She fights for the “right” to extinguish their lives.

Dunno about you, but if I lived in Texas and in that district specifically, I know who my choice would be to represent me.  Take a wild guess.

Wendy Davis
She’ll ‘fight for the same educational opportunities’ for ‘every child’ … but she won’t fight for their right to be born.  Instead, she stands for hours for the ‘right’ to terminate them. 
Photo via @WendyDavisTexas’ Twitter feed.

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